Master your technical skills through regular practice. Techne app helps players of all ages and levels achieve their goals in the game. We do the planning and create the training program so you can simply put in the work and track your progress. 

—Offering training sessions that can be done anywhere and at any time, with minimal equipment.

—Putting development back into the hands of the players.

—Controlling the aspects of the game that can be controlled.

—Repetition that leads to retention and transfer of skills.

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Train like a Renegade Pro when you head to our YouTube channel. You'll be able to find tons of virtual training videos to help you master your skills while in the comfort of your home.


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Training Kit

Soccer Innovations™ is a soccer training equipment brand and manufacturer based in the USA who develops and patents unique soccer equipment and offers a wide variety of exclusive and generic soccer equipment directly or through dealers around the world.

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You do not find the measure of great companies and leaders during the best of times but in the most challenging times.  We know all of us, as a Renegade Family, have different challenges we are dealing with right now.  We are providing as many resources that we can to help in this time to keep our families active and growing.  If there is anything, you wish we were doing different or need assistance from us in any way, we will do everything in our power to be part of a solution.


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Want to be the best?

You have to put in the hours first!


Our leadership board, partnering with Techne, showcases players from each of our teams who have put in the top training hours each week. Become a Top Training Player by downloading the Techne app and getting started!