Our Challenge

We want to take a moment to recognize the uncertainty regarding the recent spike in COVID-19 cases and address our view as it relates to the upcoming season. We have all experienced so much change this year, and we understand your concerns as members of our soccer family. In this situation, there is so much we cannot control.  We understand league games may be cancelled and/or postponed.  We may be restricted in the way we train and the way we connect with our teammates.  Despite the challenges, soccer will continue.

Our Commitment

We have partnered with you to cultivate in your player a love of soccer, and we remain committed to continuing our soccer journey together in a variety of different environments. 


Here is the plan:

Our Theme of the Year:  Technique + Safety 

Our leadership team is prepared to deliver value to your family, regardless of the challenges that come our way. We have hired two new Directors of Coaching, and they are charged with aligning the club to accomplish the following aims:


  • 90% Practice…be it traditional, technique camps, or virtual


  • 100% Player Evaluations measured at the Club Level

Tools we will use:

  • Technique Camps — Allowing us to improve our form as a club in a monitored, safe environment.

  • Virtual Coach Training Rooms (Google Meet) — Enabling training times to be less disrupted due to weather, COVID-19, and other distractions.

  • Renegades Virtual Training platform (Renegades YouTube Channel) — Enabling club wide virtual technique training

  • Techne App — Measuring touches on a club, team, and individual level. In the Spring, we logged over 5,029 hours of work. 

  • Renegades Personal Profile — Allowing coaches to perform Player Reviews electronically. These reviews will be housed in your portal, so you can measure progress from season to season. We will also enable these reports to be shared with future college coaches.


Finally, below is a list of the three phases and the plan that we have put together to deliver the value you deserve.

Please know this will not be a perfect process and at every turn we hope for your feedback to help Renegades continue to be the movement of change in North Texas Soccer. Go Renegades!

Renegades Value Commitment