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Director de Coaching y Operaciones
Entrenador central

(214) 909-7905


2008 GIRLS



Armando grew up in South Dallas area and started playing soccer for the PAL, Dallas Police Athletic League. There his Father coached him and his brother on a team we named Renegades.
Armando played in North Texas Soccer Association where he played against a Titans team which had many ex Dallas Sidekicks.
Armando got married at 17, has 5 children, 6 grandchildren and still counting. He decided to follow his Father's footsteps by giving back to the community. His daughters ended up playing competitive soccer where he like many parents couldn't afford the costs of playing at that level.
That's when he realized he needed to give children in his area the chance to play and compete at the competetice level. Armando studied under some of the best coaches in North Texas to give his teams a chance.
Armando soon realized when coaching his first team that he needed to make more of an Impact by incorporating Bible scripture into his coaching helping relate the game and life to scripture.
Not only did his teams compete against some of the best teams in North Texas, one team finished 4th in NTX, but more importantly several girls accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Several of those girls have since become teachers, nurses, speech therapist, joined the armed forces, highschool coaches and college coaches. Armando takes no credit for those successes and knows it was God's grace and blessings.

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