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Director de Coaching y Operaciones
Entrenador central

(469) 400-0239


Boys & Girls Ages 2014 - 2020



I am Isaac Parker Medina. I started playing soccer at 4 years old in Plano, Texas. My first years playing were exciting, love at first sight. My first years were playing defense on the outside to playing center back which I played for 9 years until the age of 13. I was placed as goalie for an emergency for a short period of time, coach was very impressed going against 2 ages older than us winning the league back to back. He permanently put me in as a goalkeeper the third season. Going into freshman year playing club soccer for FC Roma the first year going into Dallas cup winning it all. Going into the off season into sophomore year joining Renegades felt like family, being a starter full time the rest of my high school years. Being with Renegades club felt like home and going to practice was amazing I would want the feeling of enjoyment, accomplishments that I had for all new members ready to improve in each positions. I would love to teach the kids and upcoming members of this club that hard work does pay in the long run and enjoy yourself at the same time, while working hard on the pitch and off.

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