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CORE, Academy


After playing 15+ years of club soccer in Dallas, I moved on to the collegiate level at Oklahoma Baptist University. As a leader and captain, I played at the D2 level for 4.5 years, while earning multiple NCAA conference titles and championships.

Right after graduation I pursued personal, functional and group training in Edmond, Oklahoma with EXOS. There I coached clients specifically during post physical therapy, return to every day function, and return to sport. It was my job to engage with clients and players in their current lifestyle, so they could achieve their goals and increase performance. I also had the opportunity to coach speed and agility, along with plyometrics and sports related movement patterns.

After taking a break from soccer as a whole, I realized my passion and love for the game. I am beyond ready to get back into it, and translate what I’ve learned as a player into my coaching. I believe we are to lead my example and show our passion in what we do, while focusing on team building and individual discipline. I’m excited to see where this new journey takes me with RSC, and be part of a culture that leads players into success, on and off the field.


- Assistant Coach at Harrah High school,
Harrah OK
- Strength & Conditioning Coaching - EXOS , Plano, TX
- Personal Training & Fitness Specialist - EXOS , Edmond, OK

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