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(469) 329-8333


2009 GIRLS, 2012 GIRLS, 2013 GIRLS, 2017 GIRLS, 2012 BOYS, 2014 BOYS, 2015 BOYS, 2016 BOYS, 2017 BOYS, 2018 BOYS, 2019 BOYS


· 2009 Girls - Tues/Thurs @ 6:30-8:00
· 2014-2018 Boys - Mon/Wed @ 6:00-7:15
· 2014-2018 Girls - Tues/Thurs @ 6:00-7:15
Location: Samuell Garland Park


I have a sustainable, progression based training and coaching model that’s based in European, African and South American methods that states what I do, what I am and what I am trying to achieve with players and teams. My coaches and training staff also perform in line with this training vision. We work in unison to develop and institute a coaching program that develops a player’s mind, body and soul in playing soccer with an IQ.

My main focus is to create an environment for players to express themselves, thus they will grow in confidence. I take away the fear of not winning a game and bring forth a child’s confidence in playing the game. Winning does not equal development, but will come as a result of correct player and team development.

My model focuses on individual growth in knowing what the player should do with the ball in non-pressure and pressure situations. I teach children how to play possession style soccer. The player will have no fear in making a mistake because they will be taught how to recover if they do. I refuse to let a player be fearful of just playing the game. My main focus is to create an environment for children to express themselves, thus they will grow. The progression is implemented by myself and my trainers in such a way that your child is guaranteed to find success in this beautiful game of Fütbal.

- Born in Paddington, England to parents from Sierra Leone, West Africa
- Trained and played for Leeds, England (as a youth player and also in the English Premier League)
- Trained in Sierra Leone, West Africa
- Trained in Trinidad and Tobago
- Trained and played professional in Schalke, Germany
- Trained and played professional in Monterrey, Mexico
- Played at Newark High School, Newark, DE earning Offensive Player of the Year
- Played at DeAnza College, California
- Coached for the Austin Flyers (DOC: Milan Donovan)
- Technical Director for the River City Rangers in Austin (DOC: Scott Placek)
- Coached for Austin Soccerdillos (USISL - Pro League)
- Girls Director of Coaching for American Eagles in Dallas (DOC: Scott Kerlin)
- Coached top teams for 12 years for Dallas Texans (DOC: Hasan Nazari)
- Took 2 teams to National Championships
- Mens Coach for the University of Dallas (Athletic Director: Dick Strockbine)
- DIrector of Coaching for Texas Longhorns
- Formed Quality Touch Soccer Academy - Training Director for Skills Classes/Camps
- Formed Flyers Soccer Training Club - Coach and Training Director for Youth Teams
- Former Coach/Trainer for Lonestar Republic, Men’s UPSL Pro Team

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