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My passion began as an adolescent surrounded by a family who loved the game. It further grew playing for some of the top clubs and the most renowned coaches as my lead.

Freshman year of college I enlisted in the United States Air Force Reserve. I was appointed as a leader in both basic training and the Security Forces Academy of which I learned great leadership standards and skills. During my time home I coached a variety of youth teams and skill training academies, focusing on development at the highest standard. In 2022, I returned from a deployment to the middle east where I received an Army Achievement Medal for my leadership in Operation Allies Refuge, an Air Force Achievement Medal for my life saving efforts in a tradgedy that occurred on base, and an Operation Inherent Resolve Medal for my position as a leader in a fly away security team that went on missions into combat zones. During this time I maintained qualifications as a Tactical Combat Casualty Instructor and recieved my Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice. As of 2022, I began a new career path in animal medicine as a veterinary technician for an urgent care.

With the conclusion of my military service, I transitioned my focus to coaching. With thanks to my military experiance and foundation of leadership, I have devolped a set of standards in the discipline of my players. I carry expectations of leadership, followership, respect, integrity, discipline, and passion. I have the understanding that each player is unique and built on their capabilities while guiding them to meet their potential on and off the pitch. It is essential that every player understand the skills, strategy, tactics, shape, flow, and respect of the game so that they can build on their individual and team strengths.

2018 to 2022
Coach at Quality Touch Soccer Academy
Coach at Flyers Soccer Training Club
Security Forces Officer at US Air Force Reserve

DOD Tactical Combat Casualty Instructor
Baylor Scott and White Hospital Patient Care Technician

Veterinary Technician

Certified Lifeguard

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