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Mark Seebaran

Mark Seebaran
Staff Coach


2009 GIRLS


Mark was born in Canada and has played at the highest levels for over 40 years.
His abilities took him to Tri-State University in Indiana and then to Texas where he played in the CISL and the USISL. He resides with his wife in Rockwall and is the JV and Middle School soccer coach at the Episcopal School of Dallas.
Mark is a Sports Fitness Specialist, Youth Conditioning Specialist, Resistance Training Specialist and Personal Trainer; having owned and managed personal training studios and gyms for 27 years.
Mark has created a Functional Adaptive Soccer Training program that is designed to provide soccer players with age and gender specific training modalities to improve coordination and agility followed by stability, speed and power production
He will be working with the 2009 girls out of Lake Highlands and Dallas

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