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Goalkeeper Coach

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I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. I grew up playing in a few North Texas Soccer programs against and for a few of my fellow colleagues. From there, I went on to play my first two years of college at Dallas Baptist University as a goalkeeper. My first two years we made it to the sweet 16 and were 2x undefeated Lone Star Conference Champions. Fall 2021, I transferred to the University of Texas at Dallas where I currently play for the Women's Soccer team and am finishing up my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. After I graduate in 2023, I hope to start working on my Masters Degree. During this time in college, I started working with young and eager goalkeepers outside of their club teams. From there, I went on to be a youth GK coach at FC Dallas. Since transferring over to UT Dallas, there was an opportunity for me to continue my passion to coach and with no hesitation, I took the Academy Director of Goalkeeping at Renegades this August. Through growing in the select soccer system to playing in college, I have gained beneficial knowledge not only as player but as a person. All I hope to do is pass on what I have learned and be a great role model to these young kids so that one day they are able to chase their dreams in just the way I did

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