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Director de Coaching y Operaciones
Entrenador central

(817) 682-2193


2010 Boys, 2010 Boys National Platform: ECNL RL-NTX, 2013 Boys, 2013 Boys Pre ECNL RL-NTX, 2014 Boys Pre-ECNL RL-NTX, 2010 Girls, 2013 Girls, 2016 Boys, 2016 Girls, 2017 Boys, 2017 Girls



Coach Luna has lived in Dallas his entire life, played for various youth teams and into high school, and currently still plays (although at a much slower pace.) At 22, he was a Marine and father to five. The latter or which he credits for his “abundance of patience.” Circa 2008 he was the head coach for the Girl’s Varsity Soccer Team at JPII High School and was with two clubs over the course of three years prior to joining FC Dallas in 2011. As his perspective and methods of instruction began to evolve, he combined his education and experience to focus on the mental part of the game at the youngest ages. In the last couple of years, he has set his sights on creating a program that focuses on the mental part of the game and decision making, and has settled on a long goal of finishing his degree in Neuropsychology and creating a program that could help deal with mental and emotional development of children at all ages. He is certain with the support of an outstanding club such as Renegades, each will be accomplished.

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