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Director de Coaching y Operaciones
Entrenador central

(469) 831-1711


2007 GIRLS
2009 BOYS
2011 BOYS



I have always believed in coaching for the love of the game. Soccer can bring people together without the worries, or stresses of the outside world. I find it to be an incredible opportunity to help guide and influence young players into great people. It gives me the chance to share my experiences and help lead them to make good decisions.
I am competitive, but will never put winning above teaching the game properly. Every player needs to learn the lessons of both winning with grace and losing with dignity. I have followed this philosophy for years and will continue to do so. Our chances to change lives to make a difference is a big responsibility, and I cherish the fact that I have been blessed enough to help shape our future leaders both on and off the pitch.

• 36 Years of soccer coaching experience
• 2019-May 2020 Coach and Coaching Director Texas Thunder
• 2016-2019 Texas Thunder Coach
• 2015-2017 FC Dallas Women (WPSL) Keepers Coach
• 2014-2017 Volunteer Assistant at Ranger Junior College and Jarvis Junior College
• 2010-2013 Celtic United – Club owner and coach
• 2006-2010 Texas Longhorns soccer club coach
• 2004-2006 Prosper High School Head Coach
• 2003-2004 Soccer America coach
• 2003 Wester Middle School Frisco, TX Head boys soccer coach
• 2002-2003 Blackwatch Flame coach
• Many years as recreational coach in Plano and Celina area

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