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2008 BOYS, 2009 BOYS, 2009 BOYS National Platform: E64



'- Originally from New York and started playing soccer at age 4 with my mom as my coach
- Played select soccer at age 11 in New York
- Moved to texas at age 13 and joined The American Eagles coached by former Sidekick Scott Kerlin
- Much of what I learned about the game was taught to me by Scott. He had a big influence on me.
- I eventually joined the NET Challenge and competed at the Classic League Level for several years
- Played high school soccer for the Grapevine Mustangs (5A)
- Went on to play division III soccer at The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA.
- Coaching career started by coaching my son at age 5 with an RSA Team.
- The 4 years coaching my son and his team was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We ended our last two years by coming in 2nd place in our league and competing in the Tournament of Champions.
- My philosophy about coaching soccer is that first and foremost it’s a tool to teach kids how to compete and cooperate well. I’m as interested in developing a kid’s life skills as I am their soccer skills.
- Sportsmanship is as important as competing. I want my kids to learn how to both win and lose well.
- I concentrate on developing the whole player through individual skills, an understanding of their role in a team setting, and a deep understanding of the game.
- The style of play I promote is team over individual with an emphasis on passing verse kick and run.
- I believe in strength and conditioning as an important part of a players growth but work to make this a part of training and not a punishment.
- I don’t believe in yelling in anger at referees or kids.
- I believe the coach sets the example and expectation for both kids and parents and I take that role seriously.
- I believe that competition, both winning and losing, makes kids better; on and off the field.
- Lastly, I remember that these are 10 and 11 year olds who are on individual journeys in life and in soccer. I want to give them a competitive atmosphere to grow from but be cognizant of the other demands in their life at this stage.

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