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David Parker

David Parker
Staff Coach

(214) 274-9668


2009 GIRLS, 2010 GIRLS


I believe in providing a strong foundation of technical skill and tactical awareness for each player so that they can apply their personality and creativity to the game. Each player should have a uniqueness in a similarly structured environment. Goals should be achievable and value should be added at every milestone along the way. Teaching, learning, improvement and development should always be among priorities a coach can share with a player. Integrity, hard work, honesty, team work, and discipline should always be values that a coach can teach any player.

• Renegades Soccer Club – Staff Coach 2019-Present
• Sting Soccer Club – Staff Coach 2015-2019
• Meja Soccer Club – Staff Coach 2010-2015
• Meja Soccer Club – Academy Director 2012-2015

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