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Eron Linn

Eron Linn
Staff Coach

(972) 358-6234


2012 BOYS


Coach Eron Linn is new to the Renegades, but he has spent a lifetime in this beautiful game of soccer. After playing as a youth, Coach Eron returned to soccer 6 years ago coaching and developing young soccer players at the grassroots level in the North Dallas area.

Coach Linn’s coaching philosophy is:
-Come prepared for every practice and every game
-Work hard
-Pay attention
-Practice with a purpose
-Do your best
-Be a supportive teammate
-Have fun!

Coach Linn focuses on teaching his players the tactics and strategies they need to increase their on the field soccer IQ. Coach Linn also focuses on teaching his players the fundamental skills they need to be successful on the pitch.

Coach Linn focuses on:
-Creating a team concept among his players
-Building individual soccer skills through intentional and dedicated training and development programs
-Building individual integrity and respect for both the game and other players
-Teaching players accountability
-Preparing players to go to the next level

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