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2006 GIRLS, 2011 GIRLS, 2008 BOYS



I was born in Blackfoot, Idaho. Later as a young boy, I moved to Chihuahua, Mexico where I spent most of my youth. There I fell in love with the game of futbol.

I used it as a tool to express my pain at losing my mother at 10 years old. Candidly, at that moment in my life, I was broken. Futbol was my lifeline after that.

We then moved back to the states in Amarillo, Texas where I played futbol at Palo Duro High School ending my campaign as a 3 year varsity letterman.

While I never abandoned my love for the game, I had a responsibility to my family. I had to obtain employment directly after high school to assist my father as a single parent. This is what gave me grit and tenacity. I do not regret that decision.

Unfortunately because of this, I could not play at the next level as my dream once dictated. Later in life after marriage and my 3 children, I began to coach my sons and daughter in recreational futbol. It was at this moment that I knew I could realize my dream by not just coaching and teaching my own children, but others with the desire and drive I had as a youth.

I was given an opportunity to coach Academy/Club Soccer 10 years ago in 2012. Since that day, I have studied this game intensely. I realized I have the gift of mentoring young athletes to reach their goals, the gift of nurturing their love for the game. Ironically, this took me back to my youth and I realized I am living my dream now. There is a season for opportunities in our lives. This one was mine.

I have coached and led and continue to lead 4 club teams with 2 that have reached academy level. I am currently working for my third and youngest team to develop them to the same success. (2011 birth year)

Currently I coach a 2006 Classic team of strong willed, passionate young women who have fought their “hearts out” to play together and stay together as we earned top placements in our league.

My 2nd team of 2011 PPIL girls demonstrate a similar passion with their own strengths and desire to compete at the highest levels.

I was the top recruiter for our local club proudly recruiting players that might never have taken that opportunity not understanding what this sport can give you physically, mentally and emotionally. In fact, there were teams that would never have been formed without those recruits.

Additionally, I assist in private and group training for college athletes while on Summer break to maintain their cardio fitness as well as continual touches on the ball. This allows them to return to their teams without a lag in their training and continued development.

I am proud to say my first born and daughter has accepted a scholarship at the University of the Ozarks. I was her first coach as well. My oldest son has been accepted to play with MLS Next. My youngest son is also a successful ECNL club futbol player. All along I have had the constant support of my wife through hours of my absence during training and traveling as a coach. As you can see, it is a family sport as we all possess a deep love for this game.

It is with great pride and humility that I have accepted a position with the Renagade Futbol Association as I bring 3 of my teams I have developed along this journey. It is this club’s mission statement that makes me most excited. My greatest desire is to develop players that wish to take their dream to the next level as they have embraced and allowed me to ride with them.

There is no greater accomplishment than developing and nurturing these teams to their greatest potentials.

I am honored to be a part of the dedication it takes to make them successful.

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